ut art

Some public art from the archives (ATX Summer 2018 repository), shot on Cinestill 50D.

Last year I started uploading every frame from every roll I shot to Flickr. It’s been a nice way to abuse the unlimited storage that Flickr Pro offers. But, more importantly, I’ve found myself revisiting old rolls and noticing images I had initally overlooked.

An image of the Ellsworth Kelly Chapel on the UT campus.

Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, on the UT campus.

An image of Monochrome for Austin by Nancy Rubins on the UT campus.

Monochrome for Austin, by Nancy Rubins, at Speedway and 24th Street, also on the UT campus.

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon PE 40mm f4
Cinestill 50D
Processed and scanned by the Indie Film Lab