Holy shit – it has been a year.

Tallied it all up this morning. I graduated, got a gig, moved 3 times and had eight roommates this year.
This fall I started having to do yoga twice a week so I can play soccer once a week.
Still feels like not much has happened.

An image of bare trees along the Humber River.

Anyway, on with it. Remember the only rule is that there are no rules (_ _ _ _ of 2019,
the highly anticipated 2020 review).

Album of 2021: James McMurtry’s The Horses and the Hounds

Book(s) of 2021: The Three-Body Problem (series) by Cixin Liu

Art of the 2021*: Pablo Picasso’s Portrait of Lola

Off to buy chicken, beer, and jeans.

*Fresh in my mind, it’s currently at the AGO.