_ _ _ _ of 2019

Take a look at 2019.

Sporting Event of 2019

Forge FC outplay Olimpia for a 1-0 win in the first leg of the CONCACAF quaterfinals.

Breakthrough Artist* of 2019 : Katy Guillen and the Girls**

I saw Katy G and the Girls a couple times at Stanley’s; both shows were excellent. Three piece groups let you hear every musician in a way that a 5+ piece band doesn’t. Check out:Woke Up in Spain for a great riff, Funny Place for your acoustic fix, and Don’t Need Anyone to hear drums and a fuzzy guitar solo.

Best / Worst Movies of 2019: Western Stars / Blinded by the Light (respectively)

Blinded by the Light was so rough I couldn’t even make it through to the end.
Western Stars premiered at TIFF, if that isn’t enough for you snobs… well…

Book of 2019: How to do Nothing, by Jenny Odell

I really liked 80% of this book. 15% was wading through mud. 5% was Captain Obvious material. But, that 80% made it more than worth it.

Runner up: BSL’s Transport Phenomena

Show of 2019: Drive-By Truckers at Lee’s Palace, 4th of July Show

Read all about it: https://ellsworthbell.com/2019/07/10/dbt-july-4-2019/

Best of the Swipe File 2019

This version of Promised Land makes shooting stars appear.
Long exposures of starlings.
A reminder from Austin Kleon.

*A breakthrough artist is any group who managed to break through Bruce Springsteen’s wall of sound and into my heavy rotation.

* *Katy Guillen and the Girls broke up in 2018. Guillen and drummer Stephanie Williams are current working together as Katy Guillen and the Drive.

Food for thought: https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail

jazz fest | new orleans, la | 2006

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this: Bruce’s 2006 Jazz Fest set is on YouTube, in its entirety, for us all to enjoy.

Now I wasn’t there. I was in high school and juuust coming on to the Boss’ stuff in 2006. But, it was a special show, and you don’t have to take my word for it.

There was one show in America that stood out as not only one of the finest of but one of the most meaningful of my work life: New Orleans. I’d been invited to play the first post-Katrina New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival as a headliner…

… I thought of the city’s unofficial theme song, “When the Saints Go Marching In.” I was compelled to seek out all the lyrics. I saw most of them had never been heard and that this was a much deeper piece of music than what had been popularly known over the years. I slowed the song down to a meditation on resilience, survival, and commitment to a dream that lives on through storm, wreckage, and ruin…

… We walked on to a nice round of applause … I immediately sensed the crowd was not going to be easy. They were seeing something even our fans who were there to support us hadn’t before… So we went to work…

… It turned into a beautiful evening. We were in the last hour before sundown and the weather was glorious. Gradually, things moved, loosened up…

… We closed exactly at sunset. I walked to the front of the stage, where to my left, over the field’s rim, the sun sat, a red ball on the horizon. I let its golden light wash over me like no spotlight could and I felt the band and the crowd fall into each other’s arms. We finished with our prayerful arrangement of “Saints”.

– from Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run