the highly anticipated 2020 review

Well, it’s been a year. Last year “_ _ _ _ of 2019” was published at 12:01am Jan 01, 2019. This year we’re appropriately behind schedule.

Books of 2020*: Canoe Country: The Making of Canada by Roy MacGregor, The Legend of Colton H. Bryant by Alexandra Fuller and My Year of Rest and Relaxation, by Ottessa Moshfegh

Very different books, all great reads.

The Legend of Colton H. Bryant was recommended to me by my brother as the only book he has ever read (and probably the only one he ever will). It’s a great portrait of the oil and gas industry so long as you can look past Fuller explaining that you can hear perf guns above ground.

I first read it on my cell phone in one go, waiting on a rig in Louisiana. All LA jobs are messed up. On this particular location the board road** flodded and washed out. We were stuck on site for ~36 hours. Good times.

Album of 2020: Gangstabilly by Drive-By Truckers

Originally released in 1998, the first DBT album is still the best southern basement rock around. In particular: The Living Bubba, 18 Wheels of Love, and Sandwiches for the Road. Turn it up loud.

Audiobook Author of the Year: Herman Wouk

Wouk’s historical fiction was critiqued in its time for being too predictable. But, for me (someone who doesn’t know much beyond who won WWII) War and Rememberance is thrilling and works very well as an audiobook. The Caine Mutany is equally gripping and relatable.

Bonus Track: Gimme Back My Dog by Slobberbone

Bar band rock and roll from Denton, TX.

*Not published in 2020, read or re-read in 2020.
** On particullarly swampy well sites in LA some operators put down boards (mats, really) of particle board and cheap lumber all around the rig and on the lease road.