review 2022

Riiight on time.

There was a lot of photography in 2023. I bought a (12 year old) full frame Nikon DSLR and shot my friend’s wedding with it. The groom’s mom asked why my camera had to be so big. I took course at Gallery 44 in the summer and now, as a member, I have access to an Imacon scanner. I shot a bunch of cinema film in my favorite half frame camera. I (and everyone else) started doing emulsion lifts. It’s been fun.

The problem now, (on August 22nd) is remembering what was last year and what was this year.

Toronto sports moment of the year: crossing paths with Insigne in Little Italy. Real Toronto sports moments of the year: playing a lot of soccer, pickup, adult leagues, any chance I can.

Amanda Shires at the Horseshoe Tavern was the best concert of 2022. Picture Shires at the front of the stage, arms spread, fiddle in one hand, bow in the other, bellowing the chorus in Parking Lot Pirouette. The best album released in 2022 however, was Plains’ I Walked with You a Ways.

Switching to television, Top Chef: Houston, the 19th season of the show was the must see TV of 2022.
Turning to literature, Running the Light by Sam Tallent, an incredible novel about a stand up comic’s last week on the road, is the undisputed book of the year.

On to (the final four months) of 2023!

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