the poor man’s poor man’s x-pan

We all know that the price of all things X-Pan has gone through the roof. But, even the Bronica 135W is getting spendy ($500+).

So, to scratch an itch back in April, I masked off my ETRSi’s focusing screen, mimicking an X-Pan aspect ratio, shot a couple rolls, scanned the negatives and cropped according to the mask. You don’t quiiiite get the resolution of an X-Pan (24 x 65mm compared to ~22 x 60mm) but it’s close.

woman acrobatic trampoline

Itch scratched and lesson learned, framing with a panoramic aspect ratio is wayyy different.

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon PE 40mm f4
Tri-X and Diafine
Epson V550