lower petawawa river

A comprehensive itinerary.

Left TO at 5:30 am, put in on Lake Travers at 11 am.

Dan and Jeremi on the Big (first) and Little (second) Thompson rapids (Emmanuela and I dumped on LT).

Camped on an island, scavenged wood from shore.

An omen!?

Rollway rapids are an 800m long grade 3- section with a feature in the middle called “the Ledge”.

We camped where the river transitions from glass to swifts that lead into Rollway.

Coffee recipe: boil water, add coffee grounds, boil more, let settle, decant, strain through teeth.

The Upper Natch rapids have a tricky ledge to drop into, followed a big rock in the middle to avoid.

Upstream and downstream faces of the famous Natch – see it face on here.

Pest control.

Another foggy morning. 10 km of flat water and the trip was over.

Pull out on Lake McManus when you hear the artillery range.

Nikon D3s
24mm f2.8 Olympus H.Zuiko
35mm f2 Nikon AF-D
50mm f1.2 Nikon AI-S

Below the Chute rapids, Dan’s favorite of the trip.